Hi. I’m Heather. ⁣I teach people how to live ⁣longer • happier • ⁣healthier lives by showing  them how to holistically care for themselves from the inside out

My passion is working with women who are natural nurturers and are used to putting themselves last, but who feel stuck because they long for more. I help them spark a radiance from within… inspiring and encouraging them to become a better, happier, healthier, even more stylish version of themselves so they can better serve others and live their wildest dreams!

I love waking up each morning knowing I am about to change someone’s life!

I am a Lifestylist ~ Helping YOU to Look. Feel. & BE. your best! 

My life is b.o.l.d. & JOY-ful & so much Fun!

This space is about Creating Your Life and Wearing JOY {Every. Single. Day}!!

I am deeply passionate about SHOWing those who care for others {mommies, children of aging parents, caregivers, etc.} how to care for themselves and designing a JOYful, happy life you love.

My Wish For You…

I want this space to give you a peek into my stream of consciousness… I intend for it to have structure while remaining fluid and light and JOYful. My hope is that it energizes YOU and shifts something inside that stirs you to become a better version of yourself revealing a vibrancy and luminosity from within that you will then share with others!

xoxo, H ♥

Pure JOY Starts By Nourishing Your Body, Mind And ♥!


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